Welcome to the Savage World of Solomon Kane

Using the Savage Worlds rule system, this is a campaign based in a vaguely-accurate historical setting – 1601 starting in Manchester, England.

The famous “natural philosopher”, Dr John Dee, is currently Rector of the Church College. He was once a well-connected political figure but is now an old man, given a job that keeps him out of London. His life’s work has been to communicate with Angels.

The PCs have all got some connection to Dee, either family, friends or former employees, and he calls them together and asks them to recover a book that was stolen from him 7 years ago.

The angel, Uriel has spoken to him in dreams, indicating that the Necromancer, Roger Simeon, had the book when he was executed and that it may still be in Simeon’s house in the town of Devises.

Dee explains that astronomical conjunctions are coming that threaten to release a terrible evil. The missing book had some details about it and may help him prevent catastrophe.


Savage 1600s