Savage 1600s


Just as the angry crowd was relaxing, with the explanation that the sneaky jews had engineered the whole “Golem” scam, There was a huge crash from within the synagogue and thru the dust of a collapsing wall stepped the “non-existent” monster!

It became the centre of a visible blast of shock and awe, radiating across the city square and beyond. Almost everyone, jew and gentile alike, stood aghast as the ponderous figure of a man, eight feet tall, made from wet clay, stomped down the steps. It trampled the bodies of the Snake-woman’s henchmen at the bottom of the stairs, crushing them with its enormous weight, then lashed out to punch the nearest person. This was one of the jewish defenders, the huge fist smashed into him, killing him instantly.

Our heroes, perhaps becoming used to the sight of magical monstrosities, leaped into action. Harry taunted the creature, trying to lure it away from the synagogue doors to allow others to slip inside and find out what had happened to Rachel (the snake- woman) and to the Chief Rabbi. It had sounded like they were arguing during the fight with the henchmen, but as neither Harry nor Ezekiel spoke hebrew, they could not really tell.

The Golem itself had a crudely-drawn hebrew word on its forehead. Clara (just arrived at a run led by Masa) shouted out that it spelled LIVE and that somehow, that word was the key to defeating it. If the word could be changed by some means to something like HALT or DEAD, the creature should return to being un-animated clay.

Masa and Ezekiel began to manoeuvre around it looking for a way into the temple. It strode forward to kill another of the jewish defenders and moved away far enough. As Masa slipped past, he felt a tingle (because of his Magick training) and realised that you had to stand within about ten feet in order to call out alternative words. Clara knew that the words had to be changed one letter at a time and make proper words each time.

There followed a protracted battle with the creature with Harry managing to hold it at bay, trading mighty blows and Ezekiel sending quarrel after quarrel into it, while Clara stood behind Harry, shouting Hebrew words. A few more times the creature emitted a burst of dread but our heroes prevailed.

Meanwhile Masa dashed into the building and found the Rabbi, dead, in a pool of blood. It seemed he had had his throat slit, in some sort of blood ritual, the moment he activated the Golem. The snake woman had stepped through the blood and gone up the stairs. Masa followed, pausing only to magically enchant his blade, and attacked her on a veranda overlooking the square, watching the fight. He managed to kill her before she managed to bite him and poison his spirit. When slain, she transformed into a huge snake.

Outside, Clara reached the end of her word puzzle and the Golem slowly turned and stomped back into the temple, returning to the inner chamber and deactivating.

Our heroes manage to explain it all away. Jews and Gentiles alike were killed by the monster, and the Rabbi was killed. They managed to put all the blame on the snake-woman (clearly a servant of the devil). An uneasy peace has come to Prague.

Masa harvested some magical components from the Snake corpse to replenish his supplies. [GM: 1 + number of pips above 4 on a Magick roll]

Ezekiel wanted to get some leather armour made from the yellow and brown skin, diamond pattern. [GM: it will take a week but be leather armour with +1 extra armour value].



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