Clee the Gypsy

Bandit Chief, kidnapper and enemy of Ezekial


Clee the Gypsy – Bandit Chief

Attributes – Agility:d10 Smarts:d8 Spirit:d8 Strength:d10 Vigor:d10
Skills – Climbing:d6 Fighting:d10 Guts:d8 Intimidation:d10 Notice:d8
Shooting:d8 Stealth:d8 Streetwise:d10 Survival:d10 Taunt:d8
Charisma:2. (Looks) -2 rep Pace:6 Parry:8(9) Toughness:8
Mean:Disagreeable, must be paid, -2 on charisma;
Greedy (Major):Will kill for his share;
Combat Reflexes:recover from shaken+2;
Dirty Fighter:tricks+2;
First Strike:May attack one foe who moves adjacent;
Florentine:Fighting+1 vs foes with single weapon and no shield, ignore 1 pt of gang up;
Brawny:Toughness+1, load limit 8xStr instead of 5xStr;
Riposte:Once per rd, Fighting attack at -2 against a foe who misses;
Rapier:Str+d6, Parry+1;
2 Wheellock Pistol:Range 5/10/20, 2d6+1, AP1, Reload 2;
Leather:Armour 1, Torso, Arms & Legs;


Clee the Gypsy

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