Ezekial Howland


Ezekial Howland 

Ezekial Howland thought his destiny was to become a farmer like his father, Septimus Howland and had already settled down to an agrarian existence with a pretty wife, Constance, and small daughter, Charity, working on his father’s farm. However, he became impassioned by army recruiters and enlisted as a soldier to fight in Ireland firmly believing he was doing the right thing to safeguard the greater good.

Skilled primarily with crossbow but also not found wanting with a longsword he distinguished himself on the field of battle. He left the army, disillusioned that ‘the right thing’ does not often become ‘the done thing’ once battles are won and returned home to Chester.

Ezekial was determined to return to farming and follow in the footsteps of his father. He returned home to his parents and young family but found his parents already in the ground and his wife and daughter gone some 6 months back. An attack by brigands everyone said. They came in the night to his parents’ remote farmhouse and killed them and took his wife and child. Nailed a ransom letter to the door too. 

Ezkial sold everything he had (including the farm) to raise the ransom and tracked down the brigands, meeting them one night in a remote glade. He discovered that they had got bored with Charity’s crying and having tired of abusing Constance and, thinking that he may never come back from the war, had sold them both to Volodya Putin, a Necromancer. They jumped Ezekial, took his money and were ready to kill him when a cloaked man armed with sword and pistol burst into their camp and in the ensuing confusion, Ezekial snatched up his trusty crossbow and melted into the shadows. He then killed several whilst the cloaked man killed the rest. However, the bandit leader, a gypsy named Clee, escaped and carried the ransom money into the night leaving Ezekial penniless. Ezekial managed to gasp, “I’m in your debt, sir, I’m at your service” The grim-faced rescuer looked him up and down and grunted “I don’t want your service now. I have a ship to meet, but there may come a time… A ring like this..”, from beneath his cloak, he pulled a leather thong with a silver ring set with a black oblong stone “… will be the sign. If you want to pay the debt, remember and obey without question.” Before he could say anything else the man whistled, a grey horse slipped from the woods, the man sprang into the saddle and was gone.

With the help of Dr John Dee, Ezekial tracked down the lair of Volodya Putin but the necromancer, believing he was being chased by a powerful adversary (perhaps sensing the magic of Dr Dee) had fled leaving the undead remains of Ezekial’s wife and daughter in wait for Ezekial. Horrified, he laid them to rest but their faces fill his nightmares every night. 

Ezekial was a nice guy who has paid dearly for ‘doing the right thing’. He blames himself for going to war but knows that he would have died too if he had been at home that night. 

He is driven by the need to see justice done, even if it is at his own hands should the King’s justice fail him. He wanders the world, working for the oppressed, in return for shelter and a hot meal but considers his life to be bound by his search for the gypsy bandit ‘Clee’ and the necromancer Volodya Putin. 

He is personable and pleasant to converse with but given over to dark moods and broods much when alone. Once someone has betrayed his trust, he becomes an implacable foe. He has a distrust of nobles and their motivations from his time in the war.

Ezekial falls on bandits with a fury exacting retribution for their preying on the innocent. Ezekial now wanders the world looking for the remaining bandit (referred to as ‘Clee’ by the other bandits) who escaped that fateful night, the mysterious man who rescued him (who he believes he owes a life debt to) and most importantly, Volodya Putin the Necromancer who will receive a slow and agonising death for his actions.


5 points - 1 to d6 2 to d8 3 to d10 4 to d12

Agility d4 +3 = d10
Smarts d4 +1 = d6
Spirit d4 = d4
Strength d4 = d4 d6 (raised to d6 using an advance)
Vigor d4 +1 = d6

Skills 15 points 1 to d4, 2 to d6, 3 to d8, 4 to d10, 5 to d12 but double if going to greater than attribute

Climbing (Str) d4
Fighting (Agility) d4 d6
Guts (Spirit) d4
Investigation (Smarts) d4 d6 (raised to d6 using half an advance)
Notice (Smarts) d4 d6
Repair (Smarts) d4
Shooting (Agility) d4 d6 d8 d10 (raised to d10 using half an advance)
Stealth (Agility) d4
Streetwise (Smarts) d4
Tracking (Smarts) d4 d6

Derived Stats:

Charisma: 0
Pace: 6
Parry: 2 plus half max Fighting = TN to hit in hand to hand combat subject to Edges boost ?
Toughness 2 plus Vigor/2 = 5

Edges and Hindrances

Can take up to 1 Major Hindrance (2 points) and 2 minor hindrances (2×1 point) = 4 points
For 2 points raise an attribute or choose an Edge. For 1 point, gain a skill point  or gain additional money equal to starting funds.

Major Hindrance: 

Vow - Ezekial must find the missing bandit ‘Clee’ and the Necromancer Volodya Putin and kill them irrespective of his chances of survival. He also will find the mysterious stranger and pay back his life debt irrespective of what it is (2). (Hopefully there are a few story opportunities here!)

Minor Hindrance: 

Death Wish – Avenge his family (1) – Secretly Ezekial yearns to be reunited with Constance and Charity but knows that committing suicide will condemn him to hell. To die once those who took them from him have perished would be acceptable.
Enemy – Clee blames Ezekial for his reversal of fortunes (the ransom money is of course long gone by now) and searches for our hero to exact bloody retribution. Also Volodya Putin has since learned that Ezekial is not as powerful as he thought and fleeing his lair, his experiments and his kit was ill advised. He now hunts Ezekial to exact his own vengeance for the loss of his lair. (Hopefully there are a few story opportunities here too!)


4 points from Hindrances = 2 additional edges (Luck and Marksman)

Edges (4)

Luck  - +1 benny per session
Level headed - Act on best of two cards in combat
Marksman - Character gets the Aim maneuver (+2 Shooting) if he does not move
Quick – Discard draw of 5 or less for new card (probably going to swap this for something else)


£5 to spend
Crossbow 15/30/60 2d6 1 £2 10 d6 AP 2; 1 action to reload
Quarrels x20 £0.4 4lbs 4-6 chance recover above ground, 5-6 chance below ground.
Leather armour Armour 1 weight 15lbs £1
Backpack £0.2
Bedroll £0.1
Blanket £0.2
Quiver £0.1
Rope £0.05
Lantern, Bullseye £0.25
Oil 2 pints £0.1
Waterskin £0.1
Whetstone  £0.05
Trail rations (1 week) £0.2
Climbing Gear £0.2
£0.05 remaining


Ezekial Howland

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