Harry Pike


Harry Pike, is intended to have a criminal origin. I believe Dr Dee may have had some unsavory connections to get hold of items he needed for his ‘art’, so that could be the link you need.
[GM:Grave Robbing & recovering stolen books & persuading people]
Harry can be taking a little time in Manchester while things cool down in London. I took vengeful (major) and wanted (minor) as I figure someone did the dirty on him and he didn’t take it well.

[GM:For the “wanted” hindrance, Pike has had a run in with a minor noble. After reminding the man of his debts to a London bookmaker, Percy Thorpe decided to hire thugs of his own to avoid paying. Things got out of hand and steel was drawn. Percy took a wound in the groin, ending his family plans. Lord Thorpe, Percy’s father is annoyed and has posted a small reward for Harry.]

I also took loyal, so he shouldn’t cause problems in the party, so long as they do right by him. As far as I can work out in the system, he’s very much a heavy, though not as stupid as he might be taken for, rather than a thief.

Harry Pike

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