Letters on Clee

2 letters found on Clee


Letter of Recommendation, posh linen parchment with a fancy seal
From Lord Bracknell of Bristol
To Lord Hawthorne of Harpenden
Charles, this man, Cleetis Rose, notwithstanding his obvious peripatetic antecedents, shares the fervour of our faith and is to be trusted with all. I have found great use for his discretion, dedication and his numerous efficiences.
Roger B

A letter on cheap paper. The hand-writing is vaguely familiar to Clara…
The gate is to be used sparingly and only after dark Do NOT draw attention. The vessel is nearly ready, completely enthralled. The rats are beginning to question their part in the process, you may need to persuade a couple, and by persuade, I do mean kill as viciously as you like. The three bitches must be ripe when the time comes. They are struggling to contain their basic natures, they want to eat, not nibble. One of the damnable creatures ate the leg of a drowned guardian. I was up half the night stitching him a new one. If only that fool Swann hadn’t got himself killed I’d have had them regenerating by now.
We must be out of the city by the night before. Though I hate to leave the last stage to these crazy vermin, I’m looking forward to our long voyage. If the rats play their part, England and maybe most of Europe. Even if they cock it up completely, which wouldn’t surprise me, London. P


Letters on Clee

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