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Photo of an old Village Lockup

In 1601 Devyses was known mainly for the production of Broadcloth (thick wool).

Some notes about Guilds and Trades of the town in 16th and early 17th centuries.
Clothiers & Weavers, Drapers and Tailors, Mercers.

It had a small jail.

Local important families of Clothiers were the Batt and Morris families.
Up and coming in the leather trade were Edward and Edmund Potter.

Ebenezer Bay, pedlar, friendly and honest. Does a circuit between here and London every 12 weeks or so. collects unwanted stuff, sells it and gives a third of the money to the donaters.

Widow Bracknell, keeper of a farmhouse/guest house on the outskirts of Devyses. friendly, honest, nosey.

Mayor – chairman of the town council, Mickle Batt, Master of Clothiers Guild.

Ned Fox one of two professional Jailors and Townsguard. It was he that cut off Simeon’s hand.

Edward Potter, master of a set of leather-workers workshops, in the grounds of his extended farmhouse. He has just lost his 12 year old daughter. They have a very dim serving girl called Rosie Smart.


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